Item No.Group NameDescriptionCapacities (Tons/year)
1Storage & Spherical TanksFixed and floating roof storage tanks, spherical pressure vessels.30 ,000
2Petrochemical & Refinery Equipment’s pressure vessels, towers, heat exchangers, Air Coolers, indirect, heater, filters, filter separators, receiver , the launcher.6 ,000
3PipingIndustrial valves including oil and gas :Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Plug Valve, Shut off Valve different sizes and classes, Precision steel pipes, Seamless and ERW Pipe, Flanges, fitting and bolts & Nuts used in oil , gas industrial.10 ,000
4Industrial Steel Structure and Pipe RackHeavy steel structure , large workshop hall, Salon with different opening sizes, steel bridge & Refineries Pipe Racks.30 ,000
5GratingGrating construction and industrial parts with Hot Dip galvanized Coating.3 ,000
6ConstructionInstallation of a variety type of Boilers and variety fixed roof storage tanks and vessels, spherical tanks as EPC, the installation of various steel structure PIPE RACK, steel bridges as EPC, executive piping UG/AG, electrical and Instrument installation equipment.30 ,000
7Civil WorksEarth- Concrete- Masonry- Painting- Tile-Waterproofing Works.
8Handover Management of Petrochemical PlantsManaging all involved parties, Providing a handover schedule
Providing a handover procedure, Supervising punch rectifying activities
Providing “ Remedy of Defect”, Supervising the “ Remedy of Defect”

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