Supply chain management of PETROSAZ- exclusive competitive advantage:

PETROSAZ co. started its activity with cooperation of a combination of shareholders while the managers & senior leaders were completely aware of the role of win-win multi-aspect cooperation in Blue Ocean of business & no place for traditional competitions in the past.

These companies together, made a central, stable supply chain which is one of the important added values for PETROSAZ. Stability in supply sources & competition within shareholders has caused cost clarification & improvement of indicators such as quality, speed & profitability this self-control model is unique between the companies which are shareholder of PETROSAZ & also known as a general contractor.

The classification of PETROSAZ supply chain includes:

1-     Manufacturing  of independent industrial products:

The products of this group such as different type of industrial oil & gas valves, welding & cutting equipment, freighter wagons, casting steel parts, steam boilers & different other types of heavy industrial products, are the advantage points of PETROSAZ supply chain.

2-     Order ability of production line for manufacturing project equipment (EPC) :

Capacity of 80% for order ability by the member companies causes that, PETROSAZ has a distinguished capacity for devoting supply chain sources to customers: 2255 expert, technician & technical worker in an area of 105,000 m2 and open area of 556,000 m2 equipped by special, unique facilities for manufacturing, tanks, towers, massive steel structure. This possibility is considered as one of the most important capability of PETROSAZ in supply chain management.

3-     Direct supply of raw material by the advantage of internal representatives:

Having the sales representative of Foolad Mobarake & Oxin by member, guarantees the low risk of time & supply cost & causes to decrease the lead time considerably.

Our equipment and machinery are as follows
Different types of cutting machines ( Plasma, CNC, rail , … ) 44 Sets
Different types of milling machines 14 Sets
Different types of turning lathe machines 25 Sets
Different types of vertical lathe (Carousel) machines 4 Sets
Different types of cranes (overhead travelling, chain, column, …) 35 Sets
Different types of rolling machines 14 Sets
Different types of dish-end rolling machinery4 Sets
Different types of drilling machines (Radial, column, ...) 64 Sets
Different types of plate bending machines 15 Sets
Various diesel generators 8 Sets
Different types of welding machines ( SAW, Rectifiers, …) 120 Sets
Different types of beveling machines 8 Sets
Different types of bending machines 12 Sets
Different types of presses (up to 1000MT capacity) 45 Sets
Different types of Forklift trucks 10 Sets
Different types of Air compressors 14 Sets
Various equipment of Shot blasting and Sand blasting 11 Sets
Different types of Sawing machines 21 Sets
Different types of Punching presses 10 Sets

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