Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design as the input information:

Based on the Feasibility Studies by the client, consisting of different aspects such as technical, financial, economic and environmental ; a conceptual Design is formed, that includes technical knowledge relevant to the license and Basic design principals.

Basic Design:

The designing process in Fara Petrosazan Energy, starts from the Basic design step. In accordance with the primary information in Data Sheets and by engineering calculations; the main elements particulars for the design or project are determined. The scope of designs performed in this division are as:

  1. Process Design
  2. Equipment Design
  3. Piping Design
  4. Civil Design
  5. Power Design
  6. Control & Instrumentation Design

Through the basic design; the philosophy and designing basis, required criteria and standards, required graphs and drawings and preparation of technical specifications for systems are respectively prepared.

Detailed Design:

In this step and as per collected information from the Basic Design; the final calculations and analytics, the Shop Drawings, finalization of technical specifications as well as other related documentations and technical papers are provided.

The scope of designs performed in this division section are as:

  1. Process : Updating the Process Data sheets , Preparation of controlling index, ….
  2. Equipment: Technical specs. and details , determination of the tests and technical inspections, …
  3. Piping: Provision of models, Isometric drawings, Stress relief calculations , BOM’s , …
  4. Instrumentation : Preparation of detailed drawings , Drawings for circuits , Connection boxes , Firefighting detectors and alarms, …..
  5. Electrical: Preparation of technical specifications for Generators , Transformers, Control panels , Earthling., and calculations of the loads , connectors , cables and …..
  6. Civil and Structure : Provision of drawings for foundation, Buildings, Channels, Sewage Disposal, Building Quantity surveying and estimating, ….

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